The new Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR cable modem is your high-speed link to the Internet. Web pages load in real time. You can upload and download files - even big files like photo CD images - really fast. Streaming audio and video actually streams - you can watch an online movie without waiting for buffers to catch up. Email messages with big attachments zoom on through to your PC.

The WebSTAR cable modem

According to a recent consumer survey, cable modem subscribers are significantly more satisfied with their service than DSL and dial-up subscribers.

You may even be able to save money on your cable bill, since you won't have to lease a cable modem from your local operator.

In order to use the WebSTAR Cable Modem, your local cable operator must provide high-speed cable modem service. Please call your cable operator to confirm that high-speed cable modem service is available in your area and that the WebSTAR cable modem has been approved.

from our retail Internet distributor, National Support Center.

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